Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So Semesters finally over and now I have the chance to catch up on posting some projects I completed.
Also sorry for the earlier posts, didn't realize they were getting scanned at a high resolution (Should be viewable now)

First I'll post the infamous Reversal Project we completed shortly after Spring Break. The requirements of the assignment was to find an old photograph in a book and make a photo realistic copy of it on an 18x24 illustration board. We covered the board completely in charcoal initially, then "erased" the positive shapes out of the picture (hence "Reversal").

I must have started over about 8 times and overall spent about 72 hours + on the project. But I'm very pleased with the result and felt like I really improved since I felt like I couldn't do photo realistic. Hopefully I can find a copy of the photo online so there is a comparison.

(Note: when I took the picture the board was a little tilted on the ground + warped from being propped up against the wall for a month)

Farrah Fawcett in a Telephone Booth 

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