Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ani 114 Portfolio

          Another crazy semester! This go around it was all animation, though we had some gestures and animal studies from Ani 114. At the end of the semester, along with an animation reel, we we're required to submit a portfolio of all the people and animal studies as well as personal work.

          Due to the constant people and animal studies, I'm starting to find enjoyment in character design and personalities. Most of my sketchbook work halfway through the semester is comprised of it. Hopefully I can upload more of those soon, but I definitely think I need to continue studying from life and get some more character and environments down. Overall very pleased with how it came out in the end.

Ani 114 Animation

Final Sack Pantomime!
Ani 114

Monday, November 4, 2013

More Bears!

It must be a phase or something! Some quick digital stuff I whipped up in my free time of bears! Need to start trying textures soon as well as environments. Love chunky bears!

Also a little girl was sick and I made her a "get well soon" bear!
Even Polar bears get sick

All Images ©

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bear Jump

Also while we're still on bears, have a quick bear jump I key'd and made breakdowns for in class yesterday (about 1hr 30min work).
It's about 10 frames.

Bear Doodles

So I don't know why but I've been having a bear crave lately and decided to quickly (30min) bust out some bear doodles while waiting for class the other day. Then later on, I decided to practice more with color and render one of the suckers. Actually fairly pleased with how it turned out.

I've been doing a ton of animal studies lately as well in my sketchbook and am itching to post some on this site. I'm holding out until I finish the last 4 pages however, but it should be fairly soon.

Works above ©


Normally I don't post Original Character stuff to this blog anymore, but I felt it might be worthwhile this time. The character my friends chose to create, Rage, needed to be more developed so I went back to the concept during summer. When I asked her about it, she was pleased by the idea and listed several changes she wanted for the character. After making a list of changes as well as looking up some reference and research on the lore, I began with the ideations and finished with the renderings at the end. These were done about midway through July.


Rage ©

Digital Daily Doodles

As well as sketching during my trips, when I managed to stay at home, I tried to work on my digital painting skills by doing some daily digital sketches in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Below are some of the "doodles" I did in a span on an hour max. They're pretty crap now but hopefully if I keep doing them, they'll improve soon. 

Please don't use without Consent
Reference for Certain Images Above were taken off of Google Images

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer Sketch Pages

 Wow what a long summer! Not only did I end up going to Malaysia, but took a road trip from Oregon, up to Canada and back for 2 weeks. Anyways, below are several sketches I made during the summer for places I went and experienced. Below are a few from that sketchbooks (will post more i've done during this semester later)

(Colors for this one are better in my Sketchbook)
All Sketches Above ©

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ani 113B Hero Tree

Made a quick GIF of the Hero Tree Illustration 

The whole process of the illustration starts out the same way with every idea: Thumbnails!

Soon after choosing the best thumbnails, we had to figure out what kind of tree we were trying to draw, the age, story, diseases, location, time of day, etc of the tree and come up with an initial design. It was after this design I realized coming up with a design was going to be challenging.

Then after the many revision's applied in the above GIF, we end up with this:

Hero Tree Final
Hero Tree Final © Alyssa Raven

Early Ani 113B Work

       So very sorry for posting this late. The beginning of the 2013 semester started out great with an awsome life study of a pinecone. First we made a pencil rendering of the pinecone, then a light paint wash, and finally a rendering. Below is the result of the pinecone color rendering I made:

Pinecone Color Rendering © Alyssa Raven
I actually won first place in the class competition! Totally surprised and Honored

The main homework or "exercise" work we did during the school weeks was to go out and sketch 25 good, observed trees in out sketchbook. Each one had to be different and studied carefully. Below are a couple of my pages:

Then about half way through the semester, we started the "25 Tree Ideations" and what the trees would look like in 50 years. We we're also told to try and create an interesting story with the trees as they age:


25 Years
All Tree Sketches © Alyssa Raven

The projects for this class were actually pretty fun and very educational. My personal objective for this class was to try and observe more as well we loosen up my drawing technique while learning more about story.