Thursday, January 19, 2012


This is still being worked on; still trying to learn the right color saturations and such. This is something I've always wanted to color: Tomorrowland at night.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun Drawing

Since I arrived home, I've been doing a mix of traditional and digital. I recently tried coloring a whole setting that I drew in my sketchbook, but I still think I dont understand color that well. So I decided to practice my basic values first and slowly work in color and lighting along the way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Tonight I went to a sushi restaurant in Downtown Los Altos named Miyao. I always love looking at the wood architecture; Something about it really gives it the Japanese feel.

Sketch Book 2 Continued

Here are more sketches from my second personal sketchbook:

Christmas at Grandma's

Had a very interesting christmas this year. I was planning to start drawing digitally (to hopefully improve) when I arrived at my Grandmothers house for christmas. When I arrived, I found that I had forgotten my stylus. However, I never go anywhere without my personal sketchbook so I just drew traditionally that trip.
Here are a few things I drew around the house:

I also suck at coloring. As a result, I decided to try practicing it a little more with my Prismacolor markers.

 Driveway to my Grandmother's House

Sketch Book 2

About half way through winter Break I managed to fill the last bit of my second personal sketchbook. Since I was behind on the updated post's, there are a lot of sketches from this book that will be put up in the next couple days. Here are the first few pictures I drew in the book:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fantasy Locations

Well, it's always been my goal to reproduce certain scenes and environments I have developed through my dreams. Thanks to the recent practice and improvement in my location studies, I decided to attempt to draw several of them. I will try my best to elaborate on them as I go: 

 I don't think this was actually from a dream. Jeff had recently taught us how to shade trees correctly (rather than drawing a bunch of swirls) and I wanted to test out which looked better. So I created a fantasy environment of a forest and attempted both methods on the trees.

 Recently I have had several dreams about this creepy moment where I'm all alone during the night in a Zoo. No one is around, everything is quiet, and the only light source is coming from the humming light posts. I think the shadows should have been a little darker, but this actually is pretty accurate to the setting of that dream.

 A continuation to the dream mentioned above. On a side note, before anyone begins to ask me about the character below, it is not me or any other character I have seen in a movie, comic, or anything as such. In my dream there are several characters, but its rather hard to make out what they look like. So I tried experimenting to see if it fit the environment and story somewhat. For the main character, I got about 60% of it right. The environment below is about 85-90% accurate. Unfortunately, I haven't completed the whole environment yet, but its supposed to be a busy street in a small town. It's a small play off of Downtown Los Altos and a little but of Los Gatos.

Hopefully if I keep having the same dream, I can relay a little bit more of the story so the environments make more sense.


Here are a couple of locations from my second sketchbook. I'm actually on my 3rd sketchbook right now, but I still felt like there were some things I did in the 2nd one that needed to be posted. Most of these locations were done during the semester.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Final Animation: Balloon Trouble

Final animation for Ani 28.

Sack Test

The final drop test was the Sack Drop. The guidelines of this assignment was to have an invisible hand or some kind of arm lift up the sack, move it over to a box, and drop it on top. The goal was to create a sense of a sack moving and dropping as well as a consistent "loop" through the whole animation. My first one was really bad so I re-made the animation and replaced it with this one.

Leaf Test

Third drop test was more interesting for me. The assignment was to make a leaf pop off a tree and slowly glide down to the ground. It could be any kind of leaf you wanted; just so long as it simulated a real leaf fall.

Brick Drop

Second drop test was the have a brick fall and break.

Ball Test

First drop test assignment was to simulate 2 ball drops and bounces. The first ball I chose to simulate was a Tennis Ball and the Second was a semi deflated air ball.

Out-of-Class Gestures

Out of Class gestures for my Ani 28 portfolio:

In-Class Gestures

In-Class gestures for my portfolio: