Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer Sketch Book 2014

      Whew! what a summer! A lot happened, including my first job ever in my life. I never imagined that I would be drawing caricatures for my first job (seemed scary), but it was actually a lot of fun. The job was with Calicaricature at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and lasted from June - May.
Wow was there a lot of people. It was really hard work but I learned a lot and got to practice with my faces (and meet some amazing co-workers) to boot! Overall it was a great experience!

      Anyways, during periods of time I wasn't drawing, I found time to sketch in my sketchbook. Despite the fact that it was a busy summer, I managed to complete my sketchbook around the start of School at the end of August!

      Warning: There are a ton of pages so I had to make two posts to compensate.

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Summer Sketch Book 2014 - Batch 2

     I'm sure these post go backwards in a way when I post them, So I'll save the super amazing adventure story of my summer for the next post.

     Also note: some of these sketches are from previous sketchbooks. I felt the scanner blew out some of the water color so reposting for more accurate image.

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ANI 115 Final

      I can't believe I forgot about this! For Ani 115 we were tasked with creating and coming up with our own 30s (min) animation by the end of the semester. We were also told for the first time to NOT use traditional pencil and paper, but rather animate 100% in Adobe Flash. Personally, it was fun using Flash again since the last time I ever touched the thing was High School (Freestyle).

      At the end, I was fairly pleased with the result! Everyone laughed at the key points so I felt somewhat good about it all.

      Final Animation - Let it Go
by Alyssa Raven

Below is the Vis Dev we made for out animations:

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Ani 117A Final - Book Thief Character Design

      We did have a week at the end as well as correcting our environment designs so we tried to crank out some quick character designs. Below are the results of that endeavor:

Death Character Design

 Liesel Character Design

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