Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ani 117A Final - Book Thief Environment

      Normally at the end of a class I'm pretty adamant about posting work here, but the job starting a few days after school ended gave me a little surprise. As a result, little to no post's were made during the summer or updated before the summer started.

      A quick summery about the course; much like ANI 130B the class focused on the fundamentals of illustration and the importance of good story telling. ANI 117A however, looked to hone in on these skills one last time before heading into upper division illustration courses and BFA. Our illustrations for the course were based on a widely known book, The Book Thief. Our job was to design an environment that would have existed in the world of the Book Thief and, if we had time by the end of the course, try our hands at Character Design.

     Due to the huge amount of pictures from this class, I'll post in 2 sections: Environment Final and Character Final

Final Environment Rendering

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