Thursday, August 8, 2013

Early Ani 113B Work

       So very sorry for posting this late. The beginning of the 2013 semester started out great with an awsome life study of a pinecone. First we made a pencil rendering of the pinecone, then a light paint wash, and finally a rendering. Below is the result of the pinecone color rendering I made:

Pinecone Color Rendering © Alyssa Raven
I actually won first place in the class competition! Totally surprised and Honored

The main homework or "exercise" work we did during the school weeks was to go out and sketch 25 good, observed trees in out sketchbook. Each one had to be different and studied carefully. Below are a couple of my pages:

Then about half way through the semester, we started the "25 Tree Ideations" and what the trees would look like in 50 years. We we're also told to try and create an interesting story with the trees as they age:


25 Years
All Tree Sketches © Alyssa Raven

The projects for this class were actually pretty fun and very educational. My personal objective for this class was to try and observe more as well we loosen up my drawing technique while learning more about story.

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