Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ani 112a

Well I finally have one night of no Homework for Ani 112a and decided it was the perfect time to post some of the work I have done for the class. It's been a really busy and hard semester so far, but also very rewarding in terms of how much I have learned. Most of the projects were done in Carbathelo pencil, pen, or charcoal on 18x24 sized paper. Here are a couple of my first projects: 

This was actually homework on the second day of class. We were instructed to draw our face, first with not looking at all (Blind Contour), then with glances (Semi-Blind). Overall, was a good practice at looking for small details, but looks very creepy. Then again, my face is very creepy to look at in real life.

 Our first homework assignment was the basically draw a self-portrait with charcoal in anyway we could. This one took me about 4hours to complete and looks somewhat like me. Some facial features and proportions are off, but the main goal of this was to basically show our teacher what skills we had coming into the class. You can see just how "good" my skills actually were.

 The final project to wrap up the Contour section of the class was an 8 hour Semi-Blind drawing of our Room. Yes my room is very small and that is the base of the bed in the foreground (many people keep asking that). It actually took me about 9 hours to complete it, but was very satisfied about the amount of detail that can be seen as well as how consistent all the line quality is. Overall it was a very fun piece to do and really captured the essence of my room and all the junk contained inside.

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