Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wonderful Wonderful Modeling: Ani 51a

          Okay, when people told me Maya would be like ripping the skin off my face, I thought that might have been an exaggeration. By no means is that analogy a false statement. I spent most of my weekends in the labs fixing UV, texture, and bump maps as well as wonderful errors Maya randomly decided to produce. It was a well deserved fight, but in the end I actually produced something kind of decent.

          The final project for Ani51a (modeling) was to model, map, and render a Webbley Gibbson Mark 2 flare gun before the semester was over. The part I enjoyed fairly much was the modeling, creating cool things that work together and are presented visually. Below are both Wireframe Renderings of my gun as well as the final 3 renders of the gun with maps on:




 Trigger Guard

 Hammer and Barrel Release

 Open Barrel and Ejector

Final Renders

I loved modeling, but I'm ready for a break
Gun Model © Alyssa Raven

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