Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ani 113a Final Renderings

     Wow what a really rough semester. I think most people in Inga's Ani 113a class got the crap kicked out of them, but in a good way. I also passed the first part of the portfolio review! I can't believe it! I'm so glad I applied now (thanks to the positive motivation and feedback from my peers) and would just like to voice that one should never doubt themselves. Always try even when your unsure. Anyways, now I have to do a 50 page sketchbook during the break (I'll try to keep the blog updated with that) and am totally excited to get out and explore. Going to several cool places so hope to get good work in then.

     Going back to Inga's class, this semester was my first time painting, learning about color as well as the values they portray. Throughout the course, we did drawings of objects such as eggs, mugs, cubes, etc and then painted them in B/W to understand value and later switching to color after finishing the famous color grid.

     At the end of the course, with the completion of 16 color comps, we chose the one we liked most and blew it up into full scale. Both the final B/W still life rendering (1 month) and the Color Rendering (2 weeks) are seen below. Hopefully in the future I can figure out how to get rid of the glare on the Acrylics.

Black and White Still Life Rendering

Color Rendering

(Sorry if it takes a second to download; files are a bit big)

        Towards the end of the course, we also started painting quick still lives in class, learning about the light sources and reflection of color onto other objects. They were great exercises and even though I didn't get to finish everything, I would still like to post what I have done:

Still life 1: Green Apple with mug on Green Drapery

Still life 2: Eggplant with Lemon on Red Drapery

     Overall, I have improved a lot. Especially for a person who has never painted since the beginning of the semester. The one advice that was presented to me before I left for the winter session was, " You're too much of a perfectionist. Loosen up a little". Hopefully with more practice in my sketchbooks and personal studies that will happen. Excited to see what I'll learn next in 113b!

    I have more work too from Ani 112B but will post that at a later date. For now I need to focus on the program sketchbook :P

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