Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fantasy Locations

Well, it's always been my goal to reproduce certain scenes and environments I have developed through my dreams. Thanks to the recent practice and improvement in my location studies, I decided to attempt to draw several of them. I will try my best to elaborate on them as I go: 

 I don't think this was actually from a dream. Jeff had recently taught us how to shade trees correctly (rather than drawing a bunch of swirls) and I wanted to test out which looked better. So I created a fantasy environment of a forest and attempted both methods on the trees.

 Recently I have had several dreams about this creepy moment where I'm all alone during the night in a Zoo. No one is around, everything is quiet, and the only light source is coming from the humming light posts. I think the shadows should have been a little darker, but this actually is pretty accurate to the setting of that dream.

 A continuation to the dream mentioned above. On a side note, before anyone begins to ask me about the character below, it is not me or any other character I have seen in a movie, comic, or anything as such. In my dream there are several characters, but its rather hard to make out what they look like. So I tried experimenting to see if it fit the environment and story somewhat. For the main character, I got about 60% of it right. The environment below is about 85-90% accurate. Unfortunately, I haven't completed the whole environment yet, but its supposed to be a busy street in a small town. It's a small play off of Downtown Los Altos and a little but of Los Gatos.

Hopefully if I keep having the same dream, I can relay a little bit more of the story so the environments make more sense.

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